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This study is aimed at evaluating the ameliorative effect of Parkia biglobosa against egg-yolk induced hypertension. In order to achieve this, 30 Wistar rats were divided into three groups of 10 each. Rats in group A received normal feed diet and they served as the control group while those in groups B and C received a special prepared egg feed diet (24 egg yolk mixed with 1 kg of normal rat diet). Animals in group C were administered 400mg/kg body weight of P. biglobosa extract simultaneously with the feeding. The animals were fed orally for 21 consecutive days and had access to drinking water ad libitum. Blood pressure of each of these groups was determined at day 0, 7, 14 and 21 respectively using standard methods. A significant increase was observed in the blood pressure of animals fed with egg-yolk formulated diet without P. biglobosa treatment when compared with those fed with egg-yolk formulated diet and treated with P. biglobosa extract and control group respectively at P<0.05. However, this effect was neutralized when animals fed with egg-yolk formulated diet and treated with P. biglobosa extract were compared with those in the control group. With results from this study, P. biglobosa possesses antihypertensive properties. Therefore, its consumption especially by people above 50 years of age is highly recommended.

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Augustine I. Airaodion, & Emmanuel O. Ogbuagu. (2020). Ameliorative Effect of Parkia biglobosa (African Locust Bean) against Egg-Yolk Induced Hypertension. International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 12(5), 17-25. Retrieved from