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In present scenario all people are concuss about their health and diet. While talking about healthy diet, without adding fruits in diet do not imaging. Fruits are most important healthy part in healthy diet. Approximately all fruits contain low calorie, low sodium, fat and cholesterol but fruits are good source of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. Kiwi fruits are most important among other fruits. It is also called Macaque peach, Mihoutau and Chinese gooseberry.  It is a topical fruits of Northern China. Kiwi fruits were first exposed to Asia in 1900 as an ornamental vine.  Kiwi fruit acts as a functional food because it has specific compound that helps to reduce or prevent some diseases. Kiwi fruits have many medicinal properties. It is a one of the most important immune boosting fruits because it has an antioxidant activity that helps to remove free radical molecules from human body. Antioxidants include vitamins and phytochemicals called flavonoids that may have the power for neutralizing unstable molecules, free radicals, which may be linked to chronic disease and aging. Consumption and increased absorption of antioxidants may helpful for the prevention of certain types of cancer, heart disease and signs of aging. Kiwi fruits are one of the most important anti-oxidant fruit. It has many medicinal properties.

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Ranajit Kumar Khalua, Rojina Swayamsiddha Sahu, Kaustubh Singh, & Souvik Tewari. (2020). Kiwifruit and its Medicinal Properties: A Review. International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 12(5), 26-30. Retrieved from