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Sustainable IoT Based Manufacturing of Organic Fertilizer for an ideal Village. Agriculture is the oldest human industry, but it is certainly no strange to technological change.Pedalling to Integrated approach for Sustainable Agriculture & Allied Science/ addressing local problems of farmers through an active field of research & extension activities with adequate solutions,this theory in the form of easy to use & cost-effective practices,tools, equipment’s& machinery for grater mechanization in agriculture already practised by GujarSamudaya,Haryana& few masterminds for organic farming/fertilization uplifts.Mingling of Automation & Industry 4.0 towards the encouragement of organic farming vision forming a New India & need of the hour.

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Ramesh Chandra Panda, Dr. Lokanatha Dhall Samanta, Dr. Prashanta Kumar Nayak, & Dr. Purvi Dipen Derashri. (2020). Sustainable Iot Based Manufacturing Of Organic Fertilizer For An Ideal Village. International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 12(5), 31-41. Retrieved from