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This project outcome based paper is a Scientific Development of Mansukh Bhai’s all-natural clay refrigerator. The Al-4Ti master alloy was fabricated by aluminum (Al) and sponge titanium particle in a resistance furnace at different cooling rates added with clay to improve cooling effect .Mityi cool doulbe layer packing , first with fine grade sand with sponge titanium aluminum & second layer with paper pulp(recycled)- small sponge cubes.Solar PV cell with a D.C motor used to pass of air through multi clay tubes makes the system renewable energy sourced. This increase more cooling effectiveness adding a multi bucket cooling chamber instead of single one. Conventional Refrigerators has its own share of problems pertaining to environmental safety, usage and maintenance in rural parts of developing countries. This sustainable project is a one man stand to serve  & satisfy economical, social& environmental conditions.

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Ramesh Chandra Panda, Dr. Purvi Dipen Derashri, Dr. Lokanatha Dhall Samanta, & Dr. Prashanta Kumar Nayak. (2020). Scientific Development of Sustainable Mitti-Cool Refrigeration System. International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 12(5), 42-49. Retrieved from