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The present study was an attempt to analyze the qualitative and quantitative analysis of phytochemical in different solvents extracts of A. marmelos. Primary metabolites like total soluble carbohydrates, proteins and secondary metabolites such as flavonoids, total phenols, and tannins were estimated using standard protocols. The qualitative and quantitative analysis is very essential for identifying and quantifying the compounds present in the medicinal plants. The results obtained from the present study provides evidence that various solvent extracts of A. marmelos leaves contains different types of primary and secondary metabolites which are having highly medicinal values and this justifies that the use of plant species as traditional medicine for treatment of various diseases. The finding of this study suggests that this plant leaves could be a potential source of natural medicine that could have great importance as therapeutic agents in preventing various diseases. The results are very much encouraging but scientific validation is necessary before being put in to practice. The present study suggest for future researcher on this plant that further Isolation, purification, characterization, structural elucidation and evaluation of a specific biological activity and preclinical and clinical studies of Bioactive compounds of this plant extracts were also necessary to emerge as medicine in the market.

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Nayak, H. B., & Londonkar, R. (2018). Studies on Qualitative and Quantitative Estimation of Primary and Secondary Metabolites in Various Solvents Extracts of Aegle marmelos. International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology, 10(7). Retrieved from